• “Who Am I? I Will Not Say…”

    Petőfi’s Choices - the permanent exhibition at the Museum “Who Am I? I Will Not Say…”

    Sándor Petőfi is much more to Hungary than an important poet – rather he is seen as poetry incarnate. He became the symbol of the Reform Age, when widespread social unrest led to the Freedom War of 1848-49, and lost his life in battle against the Austrians' Russian allies. Even today the legends about him have a life of their own, his face has become an icon, and his verse has inspired political thought on both sides of centre. In this exhibition we attempt to reveal Petőfi's brief but crowded life and the dilemmas which he faced. Instead of the personality simplified by posterity, we show the complexity of his roles as man and poet.
  • Writers and food

    Literature on the Table Writers and food

    “Nothing happens except for a man eating a fish.” So said a printer after reading through Gyula Krúdy’s The Adventures of Sinbad. Could the works connected to eating by Krúdy and other Hungarian writers really be only about that? What might a dish or a meal mean in a literary text? Does knowing what the main hero had for dinner help us to understand a novel?
  • The Literary Translation Machine

    Literary translators in work The Literary Translation Machine

    From the outside, many people may have the impression that a literary translator’s work involves a kind of automatism and some sort of mechanical process. After all, we mostly see only the source material and the end result. The fact that between the two there is a person – moreover an artist – is often overlooked. It is forgotten and we don’t take note of his or her name. What remains in our mind is the image of a machine.
  • Móricz csizmája

    Megnyitó: április 10. 18 óra Móricz csizmája

    A tárlat középpontjában egy valaha használt lábbeli, Móricz Zsigmond bőrcsizmája áll. Fehér László festőművész előbb grafikán, majd olajfestményen örökítette meg a csizmát, amelyet évekkel ezelőtt múzeumi tárgyként pillantott meg.


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