• The Vagrant Comet

    Variants of the Petőfi Cult The Vagrant Comet

    The exhibition seeks to address the issue of how the figure of Sándor Petőfi, “the poet” preserved in the national memory, has developed and changed over the past 170 years. The exhibition title is from the self-characterisation of his poem The Apostle: “... below the sombre brow / two smouldering eyes flicker / like two vagrant comets / which fear no one / but are feared by all. His gaze / soars always farther, always higher.”
  • “Who Am I? I Will Not Say…”

    Petőfi’s Choices - the permanent exhibition at the Museum “Who Am I? I Will Not Say…”

    Sándor Petőfi is much more to Hungary than an important poet – rather he is seen as poetry incarnate. He became the symbol of the Reform Age, when widespread social unrest led to the Freedom War of 1848-49, and lost his life in battle against the Austrians' Russian allies. Even today the legends about him have a life of their own, his face has become an icon, and his verse has inspired political thought on both sides of centre. In this exhibition we attempt to reveal Petőfi's brief but crowded life and the dilemmas which he faced. Instead of the personality simplified by posterity, we show the complexity of his roles as man and poet.
  • Furniture as Legacy

    Writer’s furniture in the collection of the Petőfi Literary Museum Furniture as Legacy

    The Collection of Relics in the Petőfi Literary Museum holds personal objects of Hungarian writers and poets, including more than three hundred pieces of furniture. Alongside authors’ bequests, the collecting incorporates furnishings of editorial offices and sometimes furniture having belonged to writers’ family members or muses.
  • CSÁTH – The Magician’s Death

    An Exhibition Marking the Centenary of Géza Csáth’s Death CSÁTH – The Magician’s Death

    Géza Csáth always searched the depth of the human soul. He did so when he wrote Matricide and when in a long study he tried to comprehend the “madwoman”, Gizella Kohn’s paranoid hysteria. Yet of all his endeavours, the diary he wrote from the age of ten to the end of his life represented the most merciless vivisection. All throughout, his greatest desire was to experience life to the full.



  • Tárlatvezetések, foglalkozások

    Tárlatvezetések, foglalkozások

    Mi a célunk? Fontosnak tartjuk a felfedezés, a kérdezés gesztusát, a rácsodálkozás képességét, az összefüggések megértésének örömét, a vélemények, gondolkodásmódok sokszínűségének játékos megtapasztalását. A múzeum számunkra a folyamatos tanulás és kísérletezés terepe. Komplex médium, mely új és új perspektívákat kínál, hogy másképp olvashassunk szövegeket, tereket, alkotói életutakat, személyiségeket, múzeumot és irodalmat.

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