• April

    In the centre of the exhibition there is a hundred-year-old, shabby pair of leather boots, which belonged to Zsigmond Móricz. They appear to be nothing more than commonplace footwear. Sources indicate that the boots were made to size, from quality cowhide and with great craftsmanship in 1915, before he travelled to the eastern front. Móricz used the boots for decades and after his death in 1942 his family kept them with care.

    The exhibition is open 
    April 10, 2017 to June 25, 2017
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    Permanent exhibition

    The Permanent Sándor Petőfi Exhibition of the Petőfi Literary Museum


    1.Who am I? I shall not say . . .

    Sándor Petőfi is much more to Hungary than an important poet – rather he is seen as poetry incarnate.

  • September


    In 1977, on 100th anniversary of Endre Ady’s birth, at the initiative of art historian Agnes W.Somogyi the Petőfi Literary Museum asked sculptor Miklós Melocco to design a commemorative Ady statue. The composition, which is monumental in size and has been made of plaster, comprises several figures. The statue was finished in November 1977 and was first placed in the stuccoed and mirrored foyer of the Károlyi Palace at the opening of the exhibition ’Ady-picture’, organised by the Museum. In 1998, due to the renovation of the Károlyi Palace, the Ady Altar had to be dismantled and removed. The composition of sculptures was put into its present location in the autumn of 2000, at the opening of the new exhibition halls.