Laszló Lakner: Isa pur...

Chamber Exhibition
15. May – 15. July 2007
László Lakner is a prominent figure of the Hungarian neo avantgarde, and an acknowledged master of contemporary European fine arts. His rich oeuvre, spanning half a century is connected to the important endeavours (surnaturalism, pop art, hiperrealism, conceptualism) of the second part of the 20th century. At the same time his works reflect a peculiarly Hungarian, Central European world view. In his paintings and other works of arts literature plays an important role from the beginning. His works exhibited in the Petőfi Literary Museum show the interwining of his works of art with books and poetry. The work of art, the title of which became the title of the exhibition, too, Isa pur, is one of the most beautiful pieces of a series made to the lines of the Halotti beszéd, became part of the collection of our Museum quite recently. At the exhibition his paintings made for the signature of Lautréamont, Edgar Allan Poe and Attila József are to be seen together with his works conjuring the works of Paul Cean and his graphic series inspired by Miklós Radnóti’s Razglednicas.
2007. May 15. 11.37