Climate change in The Tragedy of Man and today

Exhibiton hall

Among the historical scenes of The Tragedy of Man, the exhibition focuses on the dystopia and direct antecedents of the Eskimo scene. The planet becomes nearly resourceless in the last dream-like scene: food is scarce, extreme climatic conditions prevail, species become extinct and human civilisation experiences a radical change. In connection with the future imagined some 160 years ago, Imre Madách focuses on several problems and issues connected to climate change which are still discussed today in both public and scientific discourse. Besides visually presenting some of the scenes of the drama, researchers of various branches of science were asked what responses adapted to the present conditions can be given to the problems Madách raised. In addition to the graphic artworks of János Kass, the exhibition includes the works of three contemporary artists: Márton Kapoli, János Kósa and Milorad Krstić.

Curator: Anna Sidó, museologist, PLM

Designer: Gyula Kemény, PLM

Graphic design: Gábor Bogdándy, PLM