Exhibition Policy

Our exhibition policy is influenced by literary and cultural anniversaries as well as other priorities of cultural and societal importance.

We have a permanent exhibition dedicated to Sándor Petőfi. The linear narrative of the new exhibition (opened in 2011) is an attempt to do away with the somewhat fossilized idol of the national poet and reflect the personality of a young talent through outlining the main personal choices of the short lived revolutionary figure of Hungarian poetry and bringing in the perspective of the present time to make it possible for young generations to relate to him.

Besides the permanent exhibition we have 10-15 temporary exhibitions a year dedicated to poets, writers, outstanding literary figures, photographers, painters, artists or even themes that are relevant for some reason in Hungary or abroad in the particular year.

Regarding the types of exhibition we have travelling, outdoor, public space, virtual and joint exhibitions in partnership with other museums, cultural institutes and agencies in country and abroad.