Comrade Baron (Báró elvtárs)

Kulturális Örökség Napjai
“Comrade Baron: A Journey Through the Vanishing World of the Transylvanian Aristocracy”
Budapest based Dutch writer Jaap Scholten in conversation with cultural journalist Nóra Winkler about Scholten’s recently published novel Comrade Baron, his first work of non-fiction and the first to be published in English.
Jaap Scholten , Budapesten élő holland író Comrade Baron (Báró elvtárs) című legújabb könyvéről, első dokumentarista munkájáról beszélget Winkler Nórával.
A mű az erdélyi magyar arisztokrácia 1945 utáni történetét tárja fel az olvasóknak.
Angol nyelvű program
 Comrade Baron
Jaap Scholten
In the darkness of the early morning of 3 March 1949, practically all of the Transylvanian aristocracy were arrested in their beds and loaded into lorries. That same day the Romanian Workers' Party was pleased to announce the successful deportation and dispossession of all large landowners. Communism demanded the destruction of these ultimate class enemies. Under the terror of Gheorghiu-Dej and later Ceausescu the aristocracy led a double life: during the day they worked in quarries, steelworks and carpenters' yards; in the evening they gathered secretly and maintained the rituals of an older world.
To record this unknown episode of recent history, Jaap Scholten travelled extensively in Romania and Hungary and sought out the few remaining aristocrats who experienced the night of 3 March 1949. He spoke to people who survived the Romanian Gulag and met the youngest generation of the once so distinguished aristocracy to talk about the restitution of assets and about the future. How is it possible to rebuild anything in a country that finds itself in a moral vacuum?