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Roman Polanski’s Macbeth (1971), introduction: Dr Frank Prescott

Saturday 15.00, 19 November

Roman Polanski presents his nightmarish vision of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy about the lust for power and its bloody consequences. Jon Finch is Macbeth, the Scottish war hero, whose insane ambition unleashes a cycle of violence. Prompted by the supernatural prophecy of three witches, Macbeth is goaded by his Lady (Francesca Annis) into slaying King Duncan and assuming his throne. Filmed in rugged North Wales, Polanski used the landscape to accentuate the visual elements of Shakespeare’s play.

Dr Frank Prescott is associate professor at the Institute of English Studies, KURCH

The Petőfi Literary Museum marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death by organising a Film Club in autumn 2016 in association with the British Council, the Institute of British-American Studies of Péter Pázmány Catholic University and the Hungarian Shakespeare Committee.

The programme includes some of the most daring and unconventional adaptations. Shakespeare’s overwhelmingly rich legacy inspired not only the best filmmakers like Derek Jarman, Peter Greenaway or Roman Polanski but also other acknowledged artists like the legendary theatre director Peter Brook to undertake the task of reinterpreting the genius for their contemporaries.

Each screening starts with an introduction by an invited expert and is followed by an open discussion.

Entry free

Macbeth (1971) r.: Roman Polanski, Dr. Frank Prescott (egyetemi adjunktus, Anglisztika Intézet, KRE) bevezetőjével

2016 őszén Filmklubbal ünnepeljük Shakespeare-t. A Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum, a British Council, a Magyar Shakespeare Bizottság és a Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem Angol-Ameriai Intézete közös sorozatában igazi filmes csemegék láthatók olyan elismert rendezőktől, mint Derek Jarman, Roman Polanski vagy a kortárs színház egyik legnagyobbja, Peter Brook.

A filmeket meghívott szakember vezeti fel és a közönségnek a film után is lehetősége lesz kérdezni, beszélgetni.

Mind a felvezetés és beszélgetés, mind a filmek angol nyelvűek. A program ingyenes.

2016. november 19. 15.00