Call for cooperation for foreign publishing houses

The Hungarian Books & Translations Office within the Petőfi Literary Museum contributes to the foreign language publishing of Hungarian authors' works.
Since expertise and knowledge of the cultural characteristics, publishing tendencies and reading habits of the given linguistic area or country are essential for a successful foreign publication, our institution is looking forward to cooperate with publishing houses who have the background and experience required for this task.
We are expecting projects concerning the translation and publication of fiction / historical or cultural historical non-fiction works by Hungarian authors.
If needed, our institution provides professional support: materials, contacting Hungarian literary scholars, photographs, marketing tools. We also take part in financing the translation costs (40-60 per cent of the overall translation costs; the percentage may differ in special cases). These costs have to be paid in advance by the partner, our institution can transfer the sum after publication, against an invoice, as soon as the foreign partner certifies that the translation costs have been paid and sends a certain number of copies of the book, as specified in the cooperation agreement.
Within the cooperation project it is the foreign partner’s task to have the work translated, edited, printed and distributed. The partner covers the costs of all the mentioned steps and advances the sum that our institution contributes to the costs of the translation.
A foreign-based publishing house may apply with a project submitting the following:
- an application form
- a short introduction of the work in question, the author, the translator and the publishing house (a recent catalogue)
- a copy of the contract with the copyright’s owner
- a copy of the contract with the translator

Publishing projects already in progress will also be considered if the translated book is to be published after the submission deadline.

A board of invited literary experts reviews all applications considering the following criteria:
- literary/scientific merit of the proposed work
- feasibility of a successful publication (experience of the publisher, excellent translation, good distribution)
- whether there is any specific occasion related to the work (anniversary, related cultural events)
The decision on the cooperation is to be made and published within 8 weeks from the submission deadline.
Our institution offers an agreement of cooperation. The foreign partner certifies the publication of the work by sending a certain number of copies of the published book, as specified in the cooperation agreement, as well as a certificate that the translator has received their fee.
The translation is to be published within two years after the signing of the agreement.
Submission: in one copy
- deadline: 31 March 2019 (post stamp)
- by post: Petőfi Literary Museum, Károlyi u. 16., 1053 Budapest, Hungary
- or electronically:
The overall amount available for cooperation projects in 2018 is 18.000.000 HUF.
Download application form here: